Wedding Cakes!

Who here doesn’t love cake? It’s sweet, comes in so many different flavors, and is a staple in weddings! My favorite thing about cakes, besides the taste, is how they can be works of art. Wedding cakes can be so extravagant and beautiful that you almost don’t want to eat them. Here’s my favorite wedding cakes based on design alone:


Look at this delicious thing! Perhaps not the most fancy wedding cake, but it looks mouthwatering, with the melted chocolate dripping onto strawberries and the fluffy vanilla icing. I’d love to take a bite out of that!


Simple in color scheme but elegant in design, look at the delicate way the icing is formed to create the essence of roses. It would be almost a shame to cut this one up!


“And they lived happily ever after.” Perfect for a fairy tale themed wedding, it even has the castle at the top and beautiful pearl accents. I would consider eating this one a good omen for a happily ever after marriage!


Now, this is an elaborate cake. The gold trim and the winding beautiful leaves give it an earthy, nature feel, perhaps suited for a more Bohemian wedding. Again, it is almost too beautiful to cut up and eat (though that would not stop me).

forest wedding cake, photo by Arina B Photography #weddingcake #cakes

Isn’t this cake adorable? It uses greenery from nature and the nest and eggs bring to mind that weddings represents new beginnings and births! It’s a small and simple cake, but there is something to be said for small and simple.

There are many, many more cake designs than just these. I just thought I would show a few examples. Tell me, what’s your dream wedding cake? Let me know!

Tip Tuesday – On Wedding Jitters


If you’re feeling sick to your stomach, a little queasy, and a lump in your throat as your wedding day gets closer and closer, don’t worry. You aren’t the only one. Wedding jitters can be a sign of some deeper problem, but, if you love your guy (or girl) and you’re sure you want to spend the rest of your life with them, it could just indicate general anxiety and nervousness. Here’s what you can do to fix it:

  • Talk! Seriously, find your best friend, or your future husband or wife, and discuss this with them! Even if you have no idea why you’re nervous, just talking to someone can help you get to the bottom of it.
  • Carefully look at the way your wedding is planned. Do you hate being the center of attention? Change the set up so you don’t have to walk down the isle. Your wedding doesn’t have to be like everyone else’s. 
  • Honestly, give yourself a day off. Soak in a hot bath, see a movie, read a book. Take a break before jumping back in. I promise you’ll feel much better.
  • If none of these work, you might have to take a deeper look at yourself and your relationship because their might be something legitimately wrong. Are you two honest with each other? Is their tension? Do you know what from? Just some questions you should ask yourself


Weddings are stressful but try to remember that you want this. If you’re getting married, you want to spend the rest of your life with this person. Remember that, and breathe, and everything should be okay. 

Throwback Thursday

Today, I want to take the time to remember some of the beautiful couples I’ve taken pictures of in the last year. Throwback to those wonderful people!


Kimberly and Sartre





Vivian and Nick


Emily and Peter

Look at this group of beautiful people! If you’re getting married, or engaged, just remember that it isn’t all about the hard work of getting it to run smoothly. Remember to enjoy your time with the person you will be spending the rest of your life with! Just live and love and laugh.

Tip Tuesday – Wedding Dresses

It’s almost spring! The weather is starting to get warmer, the sky blue and clear, and it’s even possible to go outside just wearing a light jacket! I thought it would never come.

And springtime means weddings! It’s no surprise that spring is the most popular season to get married. It’s not too hot, not too cold, and the flowers are blooming. Winter is over and everyone feels fresh and ready to spend time outside. So, as a bride, you want a great dress! I mean, who doesn’t after all? But what’s your theme? What’s your style? Do you like vintage, fairy tale, bohemian, beachy? Here are just a few of my favorites.



This is a beautiful classic wedding dress with simple, clean lines and a train. It’s the perfect dress for an old-timey wedding where you want to feel like the most gorgeous dame there.

Available on Etsy by SL Vintage.

Fairy Tale


Isn’t this just the most Disney dress you’ve ever seen? Wearing this should make you feel like a princess, like Cinderella marrying her Prince, Look at the fairy tale poof and the pattern in the tulle. Who wouldn’t want to get married feeling like it’s a dream come true?

Available at



This dress makes me think of a wedding in your backyard next to the woods, a small, intimate gathering where no one wears heels and after the wedding everyone kicks off their shoes and laughs while walking in the grass. If you’re the type where that sounds appealing, this dress is the one for you.

Designed by Tracy Reese.



I like this dress because of the different lengths. If you’re having a beach wedding, sometimes the full length dress is hard to walk with in the sand. I know I’m not the most graceful when it comes to wearing something long when I’m walking on a surface that sinks. That’s what makes this dress so perfect. The back still trails, beautiful and elegant, but the front is shorter, making it easy to walk. No embarrassing falls here!

Available on

These are just a few of the many many choices of wedding dresses out there. You can find a dress for any body type, and for any style, and really, you don’t even have to wear a white one. Your wedding is exactly what you want it to be, but it’s always nice to have a little help.

Tip Tuesday – Books to Read

For today’s blog post, I’m going to recommend a list of books! Call them tips on what to buy next for your Kindle or at your local bookstore. 

  • This is How You Lose Her - Junot Diaz. This gorgeously written book is the third of Diaz’s work. You  may have heard of his first book, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Pulitzer prize winner. In this book, Diaz keeps the same style, the informal second person with the bits of Spanish thrown in. This book is about a man who keeps serial cheating his way through girls, and somehow Diaz manages to write a sexist character but not a sexist book. Check it out!


  • Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller. This book is also beautifully written. It is a take on the legend of Achilles, narrated by Patroclus, his very close companion. It is a tale of love and sadness, and the ending is heartbreaking but so incredibly well done. 


  • Writing Revolution: The Voices from Tunis to Damascus - edited by Matthew Cassel, Layla Al-Zubaidi, Nemonie Craven Roderick. These are firsthand accounts from the revolutions in the Middle East. From Cairo to Syria, the writers risk death to give us these perspectives on what’s going on over there. It opens your mind to many issues in the way we learn about the Middle East, and it is very readable. 



There are many books out there that should be read, and these are just a few. If you have any book recommendations, let me know, and if you start reading these, let me know what you think!

Thursday -Treat Yoursef

If you don’t have a crockpot, what are you doing with your life? They’re the best kitchen accessory ever created. Throw in some ingredients and turn it on low, leave it cooking while you go about your business, and then when you get home, your meal is ready.


Right now, I’m going to give you one of my favorite crockpot meals. It’s very easy, very healthy, and very, very good.


Boneless chicken breast
Can of salsa
Can of beans (can be any, but I prefer black)
Can of corn


Throw the chicken, the whole can of beans, salsa, and corn, in at the same time. 

Turn it on low, and leave it for 6 hours. 

That’s it! It also tastes really good with rice and pasta, and you can replace the chicken with rabbit if you’d like. If placed in the fridge, the leftovers are still good for a couple of weeks. The mixture of salsa, beans, and corn, gives the otherwise bland chicken a rich, heady flavor, and if you’re feeling festive, you can get some tortillas (hard or soft) and make yourself some really good burritos.

Let me know if you try it, and if you have any other good crockpot recipes, comment them!

Tip Tuesday – Munchies

So, you’re trying to eat healthy, maybe lose a little weight. But you’re always so hungry. What do you do?

Well, you stock up on healthy snacks, of course!

Celery, carrots, broccoli, sugar snap peas, all of those are great snack food. And, if they’re too bland for you, hummus is a great dip to add some flavor. Roasted garlic and red pepper are big favorites, but even plain hummus adds more variety to veggies.

Some people crave salts, some crave sweets. 

Craving sweets? Stock up on fruit! Bananas are starchy, but they’re good breakfast foods or food to eat before exercise. Kiwis are a fun way to mix it up from the usual apples, pears and grapes, and pomegranates might be messy but they are so sweet and there are so many seeds that one pomegranate can tide you over until the next full meal.


You can even get those dark chocolate covered fruits. Many of them have a serving size of a good handful, and they satisfy that sweet tooth right away.

Craving salt?

Nuts, nuts, nuts. Pistachios, lightly salted almonds, peanuts, all of those are healthy options to take the salt craving away. Baked chips and salsa are also a good snack, and they’re pretty filling, especially if you load up on the salsa.


Really, even if you are trying to eat healthy, food doesn’t have to be the enemy. There are a lot of options out there for eating well, and pinterest and foodgawker have quite a few healthy recipe options. So don’t be afraid of food! Embrace the munchies!

Fun Friday

Today’s Friday! The end of what has probably been a stressful week. So, call some friends, go out to eat, go have fun! If you’ve been cooped up inside, had long hours of work, then kick off your heels and makeup and go see a movie. Go grab sushi!

Even if you’ve been trying to control your spending or anything else, just remember that you should always make sure to give yourself a break. You need to splurge on yourself! If you aren’t taking care of yourself, then how can you be expected to take care of others? While I’m not saying that you should be your first priority (I know mothers tend to disagree with that,) you should definitely be up there near the top.

So, like I said, grab some sushi. Go to Finn’s! It’s cheap and easy and the sushi and noodles are pretty good.


Catch a movie! Veronica Mars is playing, for all of those who loved that show, and Gravity has been released again. One of my friends tells me that the one thing keeping her going through March is the fact that the new Captain America movie comes out at the beginning of April.

Go shopping! Check out Brandy Melville or Scotch and Soda. Buy yourself something pretty and fun.

Just…give yourself a day off. Everyone needs one.

Throwback Thursday

Remember when it was warm in Boston?

I’m feeling nostalgic for pretty sundresses and spring weddings, for hiding eggs in the yard for the kids to find, for the excuse to each chocolate bunnies. I’m feeling nostalgic for being able to run in the Esplanade without the thickest underarmour you can own. I’m feeling nostalgic for flowy skirts and bright colors and the scent of rain on a muggy day. I’m even feeling nostalgic for sneezing because of pollen because that means that spring is here. 


Spring is the time for beginnings. For rain to wash away the winter slush and to bring buds of new flowers. Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, it’s hard to not be swept away in the season of rebirth and the happiness of little kids wearing pastel green and pink dresses and little button ups and slacks. 

It’s the time to create (or buy) flower crowns and wear them to your hearts content.


Of course, the excess amount of chocolate doesn’t hurt either.

Tip Tuesday – Water

Everyone knows that drinking water is good for you. But I’m here to give you reasons why you should start to drink more!


Feeling under the weather? Drink water. It flushes out toxins and leaves you feeling much better. Many sports players do the “gallon challenge,” which is drinking a gallon of water during the span of a school day. You’ll have to go to the bathroom at least once or twice every hour but you feel so good afterwards. Hydrated.

Hungry and on a diet? Drink water. A lot of the time when we feel hungry, our body is actually more thirsty than hungry. Drink a few glasses of water and that pang that you thought was hunger goes away and you feel full until it is actually time to eat.

Drinking a lot of water can also help you deal with break outs, so if your face is doing things you’d rather it not do, just try adding more water to your diet! 

Ideally, we should be drinking eight Dasani-sized water bottles a day, so I recommend investing in a good water bottle and always having it filled. Trust me, once you get into the habit of drinking all of this water, you’ll see a remarkable change in your body. It is a healthy change and your body will thank you for it!